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  • MJ articulated narrow aisle forklift
  • MJ articulated forklift
  • MJ articulated forklift

Supply Articulated Narrow Aisle Forklift Trucks

Lifting Height4600-12500 mm

Rated Load2000 kg

Load Center Distance600 mm

Drive MotorAC


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FLIFT Articulated Narrow Aisle Forklift Trucks
The new MJ series articulated forklift has a load of 2 tons and a maximum lifting capacity of 12.5m, Adopting front single drive mechanical differential bridge design,maintenance free full AC configuration, large speed ratio gearbox provides guarantee for greater climbing and difficulty relief, mainly to meet customers’ demand of efficiency priority,medium and heavy duty working conditions, pursuing high lifting speed, high driving speed,large capacity battery, excellent ergonomics, easy operation, safety and performance.

Articulated Narrow Aisle forklift trucks 
Standard Manufacturer FLIFT FLIFT
Power type Battery Battery
Driving style Driving style Driving style
Rated Load 2000 kg 2000 kg
Load Center Distance 600 mm 600 mm
Front Suspension 320 mm 320 mm
Wheelbase 1759 mm 1759 mm
Vehicle weight 6800 kg 7100 kg
Tyre Tire type(drive/load side) Solid rubber tire Solid rubber tire
Tire Size(load-bearing side) Ф457*178 mm Ф457*178 mm
Tire Size,drive side Ф457*178 mm Ф457*178 mm
Number of wheels 2x/2 2x/2
Track width,drive side 800 mm 800 mm
Track width,load bearing side 1090 mm 1270 mm
Size Gantry tilt angle,front/rear 1/3 1/3
Rated Lifting height 3300 mm 3300 mm
Lifting height 4600-10000 mm 4600-12500 mm
Height of roof guard 2255 mm 2255 mm
Seat height 1230 mm 1230 mm
Vehicle Length 3870 mm 3870 mm
Length to fork face 2800 mm 2800 mm
Vehicle width 980/1270 mm 980/1450 mm
Fork size 1070/122/40 mm 1070/122/40 mm
Installation Level II II
Fork rack width 990 mm 990 mm
Fork outside distance 480-890 mm 480-890 mm
Lateral displacement 100 100
Ground Clearance of portal fame 70 mm 70 mm
Body Ground Clearance 100 mm 100 mm
Turning Radius 2300 mm 2300 mm
Performance Travel Speed(full/no load) 12/13 km/h 12/13 km/h
Maximum Climbung capacity 12/15% 12/15%
Braking mode Mechanical hydraulic type  Mechanical hydraulic type 
Drive Battery(Voltage/Capacity) 48V/900Ah 48V/900Ah
Steering system Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure
Battery weight 1410 kg 1410 kg
 1. Cost Saving

AC system can enhance the performance level of articulated forklift,
increase pallet stacking quantity, improve productivity, improve acceleration and climbing ability.
In addition, the maintenance is simple, the cost is low, and the downtime is reduced.

The hydraulic system is equipped with side shift and fork distance adjustment operation,
which effectively improves the operation convenience and operation efficiency.

2. Performance

AC motor maintenance free, no carbon brush replacement and other maintenance costs,
AC power system high efficiency,complete protection functions, with speed sensor,temperature sensor, high reliability and long life.

In addition, the active driver on-the-spot safety monitoring system is configured to effectively improve the operation safety.

The configuration of high brightness laser lamp can provide reliable reference for the operation in narrow roadway and ensure the safety of operation.

3. Safe

Large angle gantry swing angle design(swing head angle up to 210 degrees),
to a greater extent,reduce the channel width and improve the storage capacity.

LED headlamp, turn signal , warning light, low consumption,
energy saving, safe and reliable, providing good lighting and warning at night.

The ultra-low roof guard design can meet the working conditions of ordinary container and limited space.

4. Comfortable

With the new concept and new streamline design,
the visual effect is improved. The vehicle is compact,simple and reliable.

The driving motor adopts the advanced horizontal parallel layout scheme,
which sinks the battery to the bottom of the vehicle, with low center of gravity, good stability,
excellent turning smoothness and driving comfort

The whole system adopts wide field of vision gantry design,
which is not easy to block the line of sight, and provides the operator with a wide field of vision.

The scientific ergonomic design of steering wheel angle is adjustable,
and the seat is adjustable in front and back providing the best driving position.

5. Convenient

The international advanced MOSFET AC controller system enables
the forklift to move, turn,lift and tilt with computer program control.

Large angle fully opened hood and removable rear door panel.
Convenient battery replacement and maintenance.

 ►High usability

► Work inside and outside warehouse capacity

► Narrow roadway, intensive storage, high storage capacity

► Stacking goods on high shelves

It can be used both inside and outside the library.
It is easy to use, both indoors and outdoors, and the operator
only needs an articulated forklift you move goods from the trailer to the shelf,
thanks to large rubber tires, operators can easily load and unload on semi-rough terrain
while enjoying a smooth ride, no matter the terrain.

 We offer 2 years or 2000 working hours period of warranty to our partners.
In case of any defects or quality problems during the warranty period.
Maximal will supply technical and spare parts supports to help our partners solving the problems immediately.
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