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  • tail figure of FB250
  • Overall view of FB250
  • Overall view of FB250

25ton Lithium Battery Forklift

Fork size2420*250*120mm

Lifting Height4000mm

Tire TypeAir Tires

Service Weight37870kg

Front Tread 2200mm

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25ton Battery Forklift
New Design Innovative Seated Driving Type Battery Forklift for hot selling.

1 Model     FB250
2 Power Type     Electric
3 Driving Type     Seated
4 Rated Capacity   kg 25000
5 Load Centre   mm 1200
6 Service Weight   kg 37870
  Tyre & Chassis
7 Tire Type     Air tires
8 Wheel number X=Drive wheel(front/rear)       4X/2
9 Front Tires     14.00×24-PR24
10 Rear Tires     14.00×24-PR24
11 Front Tread S mm 2200
12 Rear Tread P mm 2345
13 Wheelbase L5 mm 4100
14 Lift Height h3 mm 4000
15 Fork Size L3×W×T mm 2420x250x120
16 Mast Tilt Angle(F/R) α/β 5/10
17 Mast Lowered Height h1 mm 4000
18 Free lift distance h2 mm /
19 Mast Extended Height h4 mm 6005
20 Backrest Height h7 mm /
21 Fork adjust distance R mm 810-2670
22 Length to face of fork L2 mm 6265
23 Overall width B mm 3050
24 Overall Guard Height h5 mm 3500
25 Distance from roof to seat h6 mm 1050
26 Front overhang X mm 1055
27 Rear hoverhang L4 mm 1105
28 Turning radius(outside) Wa mm 5900
29 Ground Clearance(Bottom of mast) m1 mm 360
30 Min. intersecting aisle Ra mm 6200
31 Min. right angle stacking aisle width RASA mm 10500
32 Max. Travel speed(Full load/No load)   km/h 20/17
33 Lifting speed(Full load/No load)   mm/s 320/300
34 Lowering speed(Full load/No load)   mm/s 340/470
35 Max. Gradeability(Full load)   % 20/15
36 Max. traction(Full load)     kN 130
37 Battery Type     Lithium iron phosphate
38 Voltage/Capacity   V/Ah 618.24/456
39 Rated storage   Kwh 282
40 Charge/discharge cycle number     >4000
41 Power consumption   kwh/h 50
42 Drive Motor Type     Permanent Magnet Synchoronous Motor
43 Rated power   Kw 90
44 Lift Motor Type     Permanent Magnet Synchoronous Motor
45 Rated power   Kw 2*60
46 Operating pressure   Mpa 20


1,Spacious workplace: Ample leg room helps to provide a relaxed,working environment,keeping the operator relaxed and focused throught the working day for maximum productivity.
2,Adjustable Steering wheel and safety seat.
3,Humanized right-side hydraulic operation handle and amergency power-off button.
4,Super low Non-slip pedal.
5,Full-view mast and fork carriage ensure operator’s excellent operation vision.
6,High-strength overhead guard.
7,The controller is directly fixed in the balanced weight to lead better heat dissipation.
8,Side cover can be quickly removed without any tools.
Hood cover open angle ≧90 degree,makes a convenient battery maintennance.
9,Waterproof,dustproof and shockproof LCD instrument.
10,Motor: side-mounted pump motor makes easier maintenance.




Warranty and continuous original spare parts supply:

14 months or 1500 work-hour warranty period:
Frame, drive axle, wheel, rim, brake, brake pump, steering axle, steering cylinder, hydraulic pump, speed limit valve, fork, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, control valve, hydraulic pipeline, water tank.
12 months or 1200 work-hour warranty period:
Engine ,hydraulic gear box, battery, instrument panel. Fan belt, all switches, plate friction outside and inside, generator and starter.
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