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  • 2 Ton Electric Pallet Truck
  • 2 Ton Electric Pallet Truck

2 Ton Electric Pallet Truck


lift height205mm

Load center600mm

Drive motor1.5KW/24V

Lift motor2.2KW/24V

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2 Ton Electric Pallet Truck
small home lift workshop tools 2ton electric pallet truck

Technical Parameters

Model  FBT Series
Rated capacity kg 2000 2500 3000
Load center mm 600
Service weight(with battery) kg 720
lift height mm 205
Height of fork,lowered mm 85
Overall width mm 800
Overall length(down pedal) mm 2317
Fork size mm 1150x182x55
Max.fork width mm 570(680)
Front tire size mm Ф85x70mm
Rear tire size mm Ф115x56mm
Drive tire size mm Ф220x74mm
Min. right angle aisle width with pallet(1000x1200) mm 2533
Min. right angle aisle width with pallet(800x1200) mm 2410
Max turning radius mm 1730
Gradeability(Full load/unload) % 8/16 6/10 5/10
Drive motor KW 1.5KW/24V
Lift motor KW 2.2KW/24V
Voltage/capacity Ah/V 240Ah/24V


Comfortable multifunction handle
Complete AC controller & motor system
Quiet hydraulic pump unit
High quality connectors
Emergency reverse braking and driving system
Special steering-assisted system
Fashion design
Foldable grille gives more safety


Warranty and continuous original spare parts supply:

14 months or 1500 work-hour warranty period:
Frame, drive axle, wheel, rim, brake, brake pump, steering axle, steering cylinder, hydraulic pump, speed limit valve, fork, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, control valve, hydraulic pipeline, water tank.
12 months or 1200 work-hour warranty period:
Engine ,hydraulic gear box, battery, instrument panel. Fan belt, all switches, plate friction outside and inside, generator and starter.
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