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Matters needing attention in forklift maintenance

Date: 2014-07-22 View:

 Matters needing attention in forklift maintenance

Circuit system

1. Check the flexibility of the control system, electric forklift.
2. Check whether the contact point can be worn.
3. Check the light signal system, if necessary, change the electric forklift lamp and fuse.
4. Check and adjust the battery sulfuric acid ratio, clear the battery appearance, and tighten the battery wiring head.
5. Check the lifting, driving and hydraulic pump carbon.
6. Electric forklift insulation and connecting parts can be damaged or loose.
7. Dust removal for the whole circuit.

Transmission system

1. Check the electric forklift tire screws and tires.
2. Check and adjust the brake system and movable joints with butter.
3. Clearing rotary bearings, bearings and adding smooth oil. Electric forklift truck.
4. Check the automatic wave box system, change the automatic wave box and change the filter.
5. Clearing the gear box and changing the gear oil.

Chain components

1. Check the lifting chain, whether there are cracks, damage.
2. Clear the driving chain, bearing and add smooth oil.
3. Clearing lifting chain, chain shaft and add smooth oil.

Hydraulic system

1. If required, adjust and clear the hydraulic oil valve.
2. Check the hydraulic pump, oil pipe, joint and oil seal is not leaking oil.
3. Liquidate the hydraulic tank, replace the hydraulic oil and liquidate the filter.