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Points that should be paid attention to when working with forklifts in rainy days

Date: 2014-08-21 View:

 Points that should be paid attention to when working with forklifts in rainy days

Observe road conditions: When working in rainy days, you must pay attention to the conditions of the road surface, especially in some places with particularly thick soil. After the heavy rain, the soil is wet and slippery. When working in these places, you must pay attention to the surrounding environment.

Forklift parking in the rainy season: If possible, park it in the garage, and try to avoid parking in an excessively humid environment. When the machine is parked, keep the working device dry and clean, and do not get water in, so as not to rust and make the machine inconvenient to operate.

Timely cleaning: After the operation in the rainy season, the chassis of the forklift must be cleaned, and the necessary places must be maintained and refueled to prevent rust. Check whether the oil drain screws are loose. The occurrence of rust affects the spirituality of the machine.

When working in the rainy season, attention should be paid to windproof, anti-collapse, moisture-proof, anti-skid and so on. Work in the rain should always be vigilant, and at night, the front and rear headlights, work lights, dome lights, instrument lights, etc. of the forklift should be kept in normal operation to ensure safety. Of course, it is recommended not to work in rainy days unless absolutely necessary.