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High power 16 ton 4 wheel diesel forklift trucks for sale

Date: 2022-02-17 View:

 FLIFT 16ton Diesel Forklift Truck with CE with Duplex Mast 3000mm

FLIFT has fully upgraded and redesigned 15 ton 16ton diesel forklift truck for easier access, greater comfort, improved maneuverability,great safety and longer durability. Due to our outstanding technological expertise and strengths, this diesel powered forklift truck can achieves optimum performance. It is designed to meet the operation requirements of high productivity indoor materials.Famous for clean power, excellent commensurability and superior performance,16 ton diesel forklift truck is often used for lifting and stacking cargoes. It is configured with diesel engine that enjoys the advantages of good power performance, strong overloadability, powerful long-time working capacity and low fuel charge.

14ton 15ton 16ton 18ton diesel forklift truck advantages 
1, Our most productive driving environment ever
For operators, our cabin provides an outstanding driving environment, packed with features that support productivity, efficiency and safety. The crooked front windows give exquisite visibility at all angles, particularly arrisways, and the profiled beams exclude blind spots. The whole inner has been designed with the driver in mind.More or less everything is adjustable to fit all kind of drivers. For example the steering wheel can be adjusted in every possible angle. Operators will also benefit from a fully integrated suspension seat. Perfect for handling large wood stacks.
2, All-round excellence 
Low fuel consumption
The advanced engine provides maximum power and torque at low rpm, which means improved fuel efficiency without compromising dependability, wear or performance.

3, Excellent lifting performance
The modern electric and hydraulic systems ensure fast response and better control.
4, Faster, easier maintenance
The transmission is easy to access for maintenance, and all hydraulic oil filters can be accessed from a single location. Tilting the cabin reveals the transmission, and all checkpoints for daily inspection are easily accostable.

5,Reliable electronics
18 ton forklift combustion balance features a fast, intelligent and stable electronics system that is responsible and easy to
maintain. It has fewer connection points and cables and features a distributed and surplus CAN bus that monitors the condition and
performance of the engine, control units, gearbox, valves and more.

FLIFT 16 ton diesel forklift specification
Rated Capacity kg 16000
Load Centre mm 600
Lift Height mm 3000
Fork Size (L*W*T) mm 1820*200*90
Mast Tilt Angle (F/R) Deg 6°/12°
Front Overhang (Wheel Center to fork face) mm 900
Ground Clearance (Bottom of mast) mm 255
Length to face of fork(Without fork) mm 4960
Overall Width mm 2490
Mast Lowered Height mm 3170
Mast Extended Height(With backrest) mm 4670
Overall Guard Height mm 2930
Turning Radius(outside) mm 4500
Min. insecting aisle mm 6800
Travel speed (Empty load) km/h 23
Lifting speed (Full load) mm/s 380
Max. Gradeability % 20
Front tire
Rear tire
Wheel Base mm 3250
Service Weight kg 20500
Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 24/120
Engine model
Rated output/r.p.m. kw 130/2300
Rated torque/r.p.m. N·m 670/1400-1700
No. of Cylinder
Bore×Stroke mm 108X132
Displacemaent cc 2755
Fuel Tank Capacity L 300/350
FLIFT forklift CE approved:

FLIFT 16 ton diesel forklift driving video: