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Forklift operation, you must know the safety hazards

Date: 2014-09-01 View:

 Forklift operation, you must know the safety hazards

1. Pay attention to pedestrians around the forklift, and be careful not to injure others.
2. Take care of your own safety and don't hurt yourself.
3. Make sure your head, feet and arms are inside the cockpit.
4. Never put your hands or feet through the door frame.
5. Pay attention to the road conditions in the direction you are driving.
6. Only when the mast is tilted back and the fork is lowered, it is allowed to travel.
7. Never 
lift the fork to drive, or tilt the mast forward when the mast is lifted.
8. Brake the truck gently and carefully to prevent the load from tipping over.
9. When turning, reduce your driving speed and choose the largest possible turning radius to prevent the forklift from tipping over.
10. Be especially careful when driving on gravel, lubricated or uneven roads to prevent the forklift from tipping over.

When parking a forklift, pay attention to the following:
 1. Pull down the handbrake
 2. Press the power disconnect switch
 3. Lower the fork completely
 4. Turn off the engine/remove the key

Notes on battery charging:
1. Prevent open flames, dark flames or sparks from approaching the battery
2. Do not place any foreign objects or tools on the battery
3. The charging area should maintain good ventilation