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A practical warehouse safety guide for forklifts

Date: 2015-02-02 View:

 A practical warehouse safety guide for forklifts

Warehouse Safety Developing common warehouse safety standards that can be applied across the board is one way to improve working conditions. Currently, a patchwork of common industry standards govern safety in warehouse environments, but not all hazards.


Here are ten tips on a practical warehouse safety guide for forklifts.

1. Operators must be trained and licensed by the company.
2. Inspect the forklift before each use.
3. Always look in all directions before moving the forklift.
4. Always wear your seat belt.
5. Only operate the forklift in a well-lit area without any hazards.

6. During operation, do not allow anyone other than the operator to stand on any part of the forklift.
7. Workers who do not operate a forklift should always know where the forklift is operating.
8. Do not overload the forklift or lift the load above an unsafe height.
9. Create a designated path for forklifts to travel safely.
10. Sound the forklift horn at intersections, crosswalks and other busy areas.