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Matters needing attention in the use of warehouse electric forklifts

Date: 2015-05-04 View:

 Matters needing attention in the use of warehouse electric forklifts

With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the use of electric forklifts in warehouses plays an increasingly important role, and the safety of use cannot be ignored.

1. When starting the forklift or reversing, pay attention to observe the surrounding environment. If there are people around, please signal to avoid it.
2. In areas where the ground is slippery, try to avoid it. Pay attention to the driving speed, as the ground is slippery, it is easy to cause sideslip.
3. When the forklift is operating at the entrance and exit of the warehouse or in the house, when driving to the unevenness and inclination of the road (iron plate), it should slow down, otherwise it will easily damage the ground and the wheels of the forklift, and cause the collapse of the goods, damage to the building and personal injury. Accidents and other accidents, so you should pay full attention
4. The warehouse electric forklift should slow down when turning, pay attention to the contact and collision of the goods in front and the rear of the car body, and turn slowly.
5. When the warehouse electric forklift forklifts the goods on the shelf, the speed should be slowed down, and the height of the double fork should be paid attention to. When approaching the goods, it should be stopped first, and the double fork should be slowly inserted into the goods after seeing the position clearly. The double prongs should be inserted in parallel, and the pallets should not be distorted to operate.

6. When loading and unloading goods, dragging the pallet on the ground will cause scratches on the ground.
7. When loading and unloading goods in and out of the container, the vehicle should slow down, pay attention to the height of entry and exit, and do not let the goods hit the roof to avoid damage to the goods.
8. When the warehouse electric forklift is operating, it should be avoided that the forklift is traveling and lifting at the same time.
9. It is strictly forbidden to play on the forklift, and it is strictly forbidden to use the forklift as a means of transportation. When the vehicle is running, it is strictly forbidden for non-drivers to sit on it.
10. If the forklift is found to be in abnormal condition, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.