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3 ton side loader forklift truck FLIFT special diesel side loading forklift price

Date: 2022-02-10 View:

 FLIFT side loading forklift multifunction 3 ton diesel side loader forklift truck

The side-loader series,is the unique products with the longest history of production in the material handling industry in China.

Side forklift is advantageous to the long goods, because long goods is parallel with the body,and this forklift can be not limited by the channel width.

Visibility is greatly maximised by the having the cab mounted to the side of the mast. The operator has a clear view of the forks and the load, increasing safety and reducing the risk of product damage.

FLIFT side loading forklift engine is optional, we focus the best for you.

FLIFT 3 ton diesel side loading forklift specification
Rated capacity kg 3000
Load center mm 500
Lift height mm 3600
Fork size  L*W*T mm 1070*125*45
Mast tilt angle  F/R Deg 6°/6°
Front overhang(wheel center to fork face) mm 700
Ground clearance(bottom of mast) mm 160
Overall dimension L*W*T mm 4555*2000*2460
Platform width mm 1200
Platform length mm 4555
Overhead guard height mm 2460
Turning radius(outside) mm 4250
Travel(empty load) km/h 17
Lifting(full load) mm/s 310
Max. gradeability % 20
Wheelbase mm 2550
Service weight kg 2590
Battery voltage/capacity v/ah 12/80
Transimission type
Transmission stage(FED/RVS)
Operating pressure for attachment Mpa 14

CE approved FLIFT forklift:

FLIFT 3 ton diesel side loading forklift function testing: