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How to choose a new energy forklift?

Date: 2021-08-23 View:

 How to choose a new energy forklift?

Many companies are considering the increase of the amount of goods and the saving of space. The shelves are generally made into multi-layer super-high shelves, and the general stacker used for such shelves is often limited in height due to insufficient counterweight. Forklifts have an advantage in counterweight and are safer to use. 

Do you know how to choose a new energy electric forklift?

First of all, we must look for quality first, and don’t be greedy for cheap. Some consumers buy new energy electric forklifts that are cheap, but they always make abnormal noises when they are used. Although this type of electric forklift is cheap in price, in the later use, not only the quality is not guaranteed, but the work efficiency may also be affected.

Secondly, it is very important to understand the production strength of small electric forklift manufacturers. For a powerful manufacturer, the quality of his products is guaranteed first, and then his after-sales service is guaranteed. FLIFT has a variety of models of electric forklifts that can provide products for the individual needs of users. Manual pallet jacks come into play if you are transporting large quantities of goods over short distances every day, and thanks to their high load capacity and excellent maneuverability, these pallet jacks will be your ideal warehouse assistants in any warehouse. If the goods to be transported can be easily lifted and handled, an electric stacker truck is a perfect choice.

The user's choice of electric forklift also depends on the driving distance. If only short-distance transportation is carried out in the warehouse, FLIFT's electric forklift can perform a pure pedestrian mode for flexible transportation. In addition, the use of a standing platform and optimized suspension allows the driver to drive comfortably even on uneven ground. In terms of medium-distance driving, users can consider the combination of walking and standing-driving to operate the electric hydraulic forklift. For longer-distance driving, FLIFT's new energy electric forklifts are particularly efficient in the station-driving operation mode.

When purchasing a new energy electric forklift, it is not only necessary to consider whether the forklift manufacturer is formal, but the working environment of the new energy electric forklift is also what users need to consider, especially the length and width of the warehouse aisle. FLIFT can provide users with different models of new energy electric forklifts, which can create a good working environment for drivers and make drivers more comfortable during operation.