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Precautions for starting the LPG forklift

Date: 2022-02-14 View:

 Precautions for starting the LPG forklift

●Inspect according to the inspection items of ordinary gasoline or diesel forklift;
●Check whether the cylinder is firm and whether the LPG system is abnormal;
●Turn on the manual switch on the cylinder to check whether the system leaks;
●Start the engine and check whether the operation is normal.

How to start the engine:

1) Confirm that the manual valve on the cylinder is fully opened;
2) The starting method is exactly the same as that of a general gasoline engine, the only difference is that it is not necessary to step on the accelerator;
3) For the dual fuel system, the switch of the switching valve must be turned to the "LPG" position;
4) After starting, especially in cold regions, it is best to warm up the car for two or three minutes lightly (or use hot water) to let the cooling water system of the engine warm up before driving. And it will not cause frost to cause poor air supply or flameout. The operation of the liquefied gas forklift is exactly the same as that of a general gasoline 

Special considerations for dual fuel systems:
1. Switching method of dual fuel system:
1) When switching, it should be implemented after the forklift has stopped stably, and must not be carried out in the driving operation state;
2) When switching from gasoline to liquefied gas, let the engine continue to run at a high speed. At this time, turn the switch from the "GAS" (gasoline) position to the central position, and continue to burn the gasoline accumulated in the carburetor until the engine is turned off, then screw the switch valve to the "LPG" (liquefied gas) position and restart;
3) When switching from liquefied gas to gasoline, you can directly turn the switch of the switching valve from the "LPG" position to the "GAS" position (it is not necessary to stay in the central "OFF" position).

2. Although the dual-fuel system mainly burns liquefied gas, its gasoline system still needs to pay attention to the following matters:
●At least 1/4 of the oil in the gasoline tank is still kept for emergency use.
●Occasionally change the burning of gasoline to ensure that the gasoline system does not fail due to idle for too long. It is recommended to burn 10 kg of gasoline every month.