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What you need to know about forklift maintenance

Date: 2022-03-15 View:

 What you need to know about forklift maintenance

Forklift trucks need regular maintenance in order to play a healthy and good value.

1. Forklift three filter and oil replacement

In the routine maintenance of forklifts, the most frequently replaced three filters are: air filter, diesel filter (or gasoline filter), oil filter and oil. Among them, the three filters refer to diesel filter or gasoline filter, air filter Filter and oil filter, their function is to filter impurities in diesel or gasoline, air and oil, to prevent dust or other impurities from mixing into the engine, so as to cause abnormal wear or abnormal operation of forklift engine parts. . Therefore, the ultimate purpose of replacing the third filter is to better protect the engine parts of the forklift truck and prolong the service life of the engine as much as possible, which is also the most routine maintenance item.

2. The engine timing belt should be replaced regularly

The timing belt is used by a few engines in forklift gasoline engines, and some gasoline engines also use gears as timing gears. The intake and exhaust valves are opened or closed at the appropriate time to ensure that the cylinders of the engine can inhale and exhaust normally.

For all gasoline engines equipped with timing belts, the timing belts must not skip teeth or break. If the gear skip phenomenon occurs and the engine cannot work normally, there will be unstable idle speed and poor acceleration. Or not driving, etc. If the timing belt is broken, the engine of the entire forklift truck will stop immediately, and the multi-valve engine will also cause the piston to bend the top valve, which will seriously damage other parts of the engine.

The timing belt of the forklift is a rubber part, which is a kind of wearing part among the many forklift accessories. With the increase of the working hours of the forklift engine, the timing belt and the accessories of the timing belt, such as the timing belt tensioner, the The belt tensioner will be worn out or aged.

Therefore, many forklift engine forklift manufacturers equipped with timing belts will have strict requirements, that is, the timing belts and accessories should be replaced regularly within a specified period. The replacement period varies with the structure of the engine and the number of working hours. After looking at the working hours of the forklift, you can decide whether to replace it. The specific replacement cycle should be based on the instructions in the forklift's maintenance manual.

3. Forklift chassis and front axle that must be checked

In routine maintenance, in addition to some forklift accessories that need to be replaced regularly, there are also some chassis accessories that need to be checked regularly, such as tire screws, brake oil, brake pipelines, steering rod balls, steering gear, etc., as well as front The gearbox drive shaft and drive shaft oil seal of the bridge are easily damaged and must be checked clearly.

There are also some rubber parts, such as tires, ball cage dust jackets and other parts. The failure of these parts due to wear or aging will cause safety hazards to the driving of the vehicle. Therefore, we need to carry out detailed maintenance on the parts of the chassis at the same time. inspection.

It should be noted that when most parts of the chassis are damaged, it will cause abnormal noises during driving or bumps. It is recommended that if the forklift driver hears these abnormal noises during operation, they should find out the location and the cause of the failure as soon as possible. , and then repair it to ensure the safe use of the forklift and prevent accidents.

4. Regularly replace the transmission oil (automatic transmission oil)

Compared with the manual transmission, the automatic transmission using automatic transmission oil has the advantages of automatic shifting, good comfort when shifting, and simple operation.

Structurally, the internal structure of the automatic transmission is more complicated than that of the manual transmission, and the parts are precise, so the automatic transmission also has higher requirements in terms of maintenance.

During the maintenance of the automatic transmission, it is necessary to check the oil level of the transmission frequently and replace the transmission oil regularly. After the forklift has been used for about 3,000 hours, the automatic transmission oil and oil level must be replaced. For forklifts, the filter needs to be replaced at the same time when the oil is changed.

It should be noted that the genuine automatic transmission oil specified by the manufacturer must be replaced when the oil is changed. This is because different automatic transmissions have different internal structures, friction parts and sealing parts. The original oil is based on the transmission. The structure and material of the tank are specially formulated. Even if the oil of other brands is of good quality, it may not be really applicable (but it can be used, but it is not very good), and some old oil will remain when changing the transmission oil. In the oil passage of the transmission and the torque converter, when adding different oils, the two different oils are mixed in the automatic transmission, which may reduce the performance of the automatic transmission oil, resulting in the automatic transmission. Failures such as poor lubrication or abnormal operation can seriously damage the automatic transmission.