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High Efficiency Machine LPG Gasoline Forklift FY35 3.5ton Japanese GCT(Nissan Gasoline)K25 with Pneumatic tires

Date: 2022-05-31 View:

Innovative New Design Fork Length 1070mm FY35 3.5t 3.5t LPG Gasoline Forklift with CE Certification

High Security Performance

The whole system comes standard with intelligent start system, vehicle hanging gear start preventing, improve safety and extend the service life of the gearbox.
> Seat with belt, provide a more comprehensive security for the driver.
> Overhead guard with high-strength steel plate stamping molding.

Reliable Lifting System
Wide-view mast design, providing superior vision, making the operation more security.

High Performance Hydraulic System
Equipped with load sensing priority hydraulic system, flexible steering, mast lifting speed increased by 20%.

Comfortable Driving Space
Lengthened wheelbase design, reasonable functional layout, super comfortable and large driving space.

Special Design For Rental Customers

To meet the needs of forklift rental users, TCF forklift launched a series of user-friendly configuration.

Super High Ground Clearance
 Chassis up to 200mm, the balance the ground clearance up to 220mm, excellent driving performance.

Product Parameters
Power Type
Rated Capacity kg 3500
Load Centre mm 500
Lift Height mm 3000
Fork Size mm 1070*125*50
Mast Tilt Angle Deg 6°/12°
Front Overhang mm 480
Ground Clearance  mm 135
Length to face of fork mm 2770
Overall Wdth mm 1225
Mast Lowered Height mm 2175
Mast Extended Height mm 4160
Overhead Guard Height mm 2090
Turning Radius mm 2480
Service Weight kg 4500


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