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What are the advantages of AGV electric forklifts?

Date: 2016-07-11 View:

 What are the advantages of AGV electric forklifts?

With the development of the logistics and warehousing industry, electric forklifts are widely used. In order to save manpower and reduce safety accidents caused by improper operation of personnel, they choose AGV forklifts. Realize unmanned transportation, greatly reducing labor and operating costs.
AGV electric forklifts include pallet forklift AGV, wide-foot stacker AGV, and footless stacker AGV. It is used for the logistics turnover of stacking pallet goods, which is composed of hydraulic lifting system, differential drive system, PLC control system, guidance system, communication system, warning system, operating system and power supply. It is a combination of hydraulic lifting and PLC control. Automatic guided trolley for programming wireless dispatch.

Intelligent traffic management, automatic avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, make the car run more safely and reliably.

The advantages of AGV electric forklift:
Workshop material distribution, reduce workshop aisle workers, and build a green factory.

The factory warehouse is palletized to make the warehouse more standardized and orderly, and fully improve the space utilization rate and transportation efficiency.
The forklift has strong carrying capacity and can directly pick up material pallets for transportation. It automatically decelerates when turning, and has functions such as automatic identification of obstacles and timely stop. It is safe and reliable to walk. It is mainly used for raw material distribution on production lines, transportation of semi-finished products and finished products, and factory warehouses. Palletizing, etc.; in industrial production, it can replace people to do some monotonous, frequent, labor-intensive and repetitive long-term operations or operations in dangerous and harsh environments.
For a diversified and modern warehousing and logistics operation system, in addition to being equipped with traditional electric forklifts, AGV forklifts should also be considered in the future development.