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What is a three-point electric forklift? What are the advantages?

Date: 2016-05-16 View:

 What is a three-point electric forklift? What are the advantages?

The three-pivot electric forklift is between an all-electric stacker and a four-wheel forklift. It has three large rubber tires, so it is also called a three-wheel forklift. It is suitable for outdoor operations and has no strict requirements on the ground. It has a price advantage over four-wheel forklifts, and it also has many advantages of four-wheel forklifts while meeting the economical requirements of customers.

The three-pivot electric forklift has perfect flexibility, it can shuttle between the layers of shelves, the compact body design and the smooth cargo-sensing steering system, the three-pivot electric forklift has a very small turning radius, which is smaller than the general stacker. Tall machines are smaller. It can rotate freely in the narrow storage aisles. The electronic control, motor and hydraulic system can adjust various performance settings through the microprocessor to ensure that the forklift works in the highest efficiency state.

In addition, the three-pivot electric forklift is a ride-on driving method, which is comfortable and controllable, with a comfortable ergonomic driving space design and a clear and easy-to-see instrument control panel, contributing to the best work efficiency and comfortable operating space . This gives the forklift operator a sense of security and makes them feel more at ease when working.