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Electric forklift maintenance tips. How to add water to the forklift battery correctly?

Date: 2020-08-25 View:

 How to add water to the forklift battery correctly?

The use and cycle life of forklift batteries are inseparable from daily maintenance. An essential step in maintenance is to regularly replenish the battery with distilled/deionized water. During the process of charging, discharging and storage, the battery of the electric forklift will evaporate a part of the water due to the use environment and the internal high temperature reaction. If you do not add water to the battery of the electric forklift, the battery will be in a water-deficient state for a long time, which will shorten the use time, and even end its life early. So, how should we add water to the forklift battery? When will it be added? In what way? How much is more appropriate?

At present, there are mainly three kinds of liquid injection caps on the market: ordinary flower basket type liquid injection cap, float type liquid injection cap and automatic water filling system liquid injection cap. Different liquid injection caps have different water filling methods and liquid level standards. The normal liquid level range of the battery is as follows:

1. In the process of using the battery, it is necessary to regularly check the water shortage state of the battery according to the use environment and temperature, and replenish the battery in time.

2. If the battery liquid level of the electric forklift is lower than the minimum liquid level, it is necessary to add deionized water or distilled water to the maximum and minimum liquid levels. It is strictly forbidden to add battery stock solution or tap water. The battery stock solution will dilute or increase the original specific gravity of the electrolyte, causing the battery performance to decline; too much impurities in the tap water will cause the battery to react weakly. Long-term addition of tap water may cause a short circuit and damage the battery of the electric forklift.

3. Time for adding water: It is not recommended to add water during the use of the battery of the electric forklift. Water should be added at the end of charging (one hour before the end of charging). When the electric forklift is charging, the bubbles inside the battery are churning and the reaction is violent. Adding water at this time can make the original electrolyte. Mix well with the added water to balance the specific gravity.

4. The principle of adding water: a small amount of time, it is strictly forbidden to add too much water beyond the maximum liquid level. If too much water is added, the battery of the electric forklift may overflow during charging and moving, resulting in a decrease in the overall specific gravity of the battery, a decrease in performance, water in the box and corrosion, and even a short circuit in the battery in severe cases.

Before using the battery of the electric forklift, the user should carefully read the battery manual and the warning label on the battery box, and try to add water to the forklift battery according to this standard, which will help the efficient use and correct maintenance of the battery, and prolong the service life of the battery.