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An important part of the liquefied gas forklift - pressure reducing valve

Date: 2020-08-28 View:

 An important part of the liquefied gas forklift - pressure reducing valve

The pressure reducing valve is a key component of the liquefied gas forklift. When LPG goes out of the gas cylinder, it must be decompressed into air pressure natural gas through the pressure reducing valve, and then it can be mixed according to a special proportion and enter the engine; because the second part of the pressure reducing valve The gate valve of the secondary chamber is normally closed, so when the module is not started, there should be no natural gas in the inlet and outlet of the pressure reducing valve to the bottom pressure pipe in the middle of the mixer.

Condition: ①The engine is switched to LPG, and a lot of white mist (LPG) is sprayed out from the unpowered hood cover; ②The engine cannot be started;

Discrimination: ①The white mist is liquid LPG; ②The pressure reducing valve is not decompressed or damaged.

Analysis: ① Because the engine is not started, LPG goes out from the gas cylinder, because the 

secondary chamber is normally closed, so LPG goes out through the pressure reducing valve and 

directly enters the mixer without all normal pressure reduction; ② When there is insufficient pressure reduction The LPG directly enters the unpowered air cap from the mixer and then enters the engine, because the concentration of natural gas is too high, causing the engine to fail to start.

Solution: Remove the pressure reducing valve, replace the pressure reducing valve pulse damper or immediately replace the pressure reducing valve total stroke.