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What is the difference between explosion-proof forklift and ordinary forklift

Date: 2021-06-02 View:

 What is the difference between explosion-proof forklift and ordinary forklift

What is the difference between explosion-proof forklifts and ordinary forklifts? You must first understand the characteristics of the explosion-proof forklift itself and the characteristics of the operation area of the explosion-proof forklift. Most of the explosion-proof forklifts are used in special places of use.

Features of explosion-proof forklift:
1: First, work in the explosion hazard area that has been confirmed to have flammable substances, and can strictly control the various ignition sources of the vehicle itself.
2: When the gas concentration in the surrounding environment of the vehicle is detected, when the concentration reaches a certain ratio of its lower explosion limit, the vehicle starts to alarm and finally stops automatically to achieve the purpose of safe operation. To ensure the safe operation of the vehicle, the ignition sources must be effectively controlled, including:
(1) It is necessary to eliminate the static electricity that may be generated during the operation of the vehicle and prevent the outside, rear and cargo of the vehicle from causing fire due to collision.
(2) Reduce the exhaust gas temperature of diesel engine up to 300-500℃ to below the specified temperature group to be less than or equal to 135t).
(3) The diesel engine runs out of control at overspeed due to inhalation of flammable gas or steam during intake.
(4) When abnormal working conditions such as water temperature, exhaust temperature, oil temperature and surface temperature occur in the car, it should be able to automatically turn off the diesel engine in time.
(5) When the diesel engine burns normally or unexpectedly explodes, the flame passes through the intake system to produce backburning
(6) The diesel engine exhaust flame and fire consumption are transmitted to the surrounding atmosphere.

To sum up, the explosion-proof forklift can avoid electric leakage and sparks. The explosion-proof forklift will not generate spark static electricity and arc, and can be used in flammable and explosive places without igniting the surrounding environment.

What is the difference between explosion-proof forklift and electric forklift?

The difference between explosion-proof forklifts and ordinary forklifts is mainly in the circuit. Electric forklifts have high requirements for circuits, especially electric motors, such as walking motors, steering motors, hydraulic lifting motors, and sparks when the motor rotates.
Sparks can be dangerous in some special places. Therefore, in more dangerous places, the requirements for safety are very high, such as factories, gas stations, and bus stations with a lot of dust. Therefore, the forklift must be specially protected and isolated. Some use AC motors, because AC motors have no sparks when working, so they are relatively safe. Connections between wires. All have been treated specially for protection.