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How to operate the electric pallet truck correctly?

Date: 2021-06-20 View:

How to operate the electric pallet truck correctly? 

The staff who operate the electric pallet truck must be specially trained to operate and use, and abide by this operating procedure:

1. Do not operate and use electric pallet trucks after drinking. Smoking, eating and chatting are not allowed during operation.

2. Carefully check the battery power before work, and whether the braking, direction, horn, hydraulic system and other devices are sensitive and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to run with faults, and it should be replenished in time when the power is insufficient;

3. During loading and unloading operations, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the parts or carry out maintenance work;

4. Maintain an appropriate starting speed when starting, and should not be too violent. During the walking process, it is not allowed to change the driving direction by turning the direction switch. When changing the running direction, wait for the car to stop completely to prevent the electrical components and electrical components from being burned out. damaged gears;

5. High-speed sharp turns are strictly prohibited during driving; when driving on wet or slippery roads, the steering should be slowed down;

6. Drive carefully on the ramp, and do not turn on the ramp, otherwise there is a danger of tipping;

7. When starting, check whether there are people and obstacles around, and it should not exceed 5 kilometers during the handling process;

8. Manned operation and overloading operations are strictly prohibited. The cargo should be in line with the vehicle body, and eccentric loading is not allowed;

9. When handling large-volume goods, the goods block the line of sight, and the forklift should reverse and drive at a low speed;

10. Pay attention to observe the voltage of the voltmeter of the electric forklift. If it is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately;

11. Seriously charge the electric forklift in time after work, and prohibit all fire sources around the charging site.