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Precautions for electric forklift operation in autumn and winter

Date: 2020-12-28 View:

 Precautions for electric forklift operation in autumn and winter

Electric forklifts can be used in a variety of conditions due to their versatility. When necessary - this type of equipment forms the basis for demanding warehouse work. At the same time, the frequency and willingness to use electric forklifts are equally high when tasks need to be performed outdoors. However, they deserve proper maintenance - especially in the fall and winter.

Operating an electric forklift, especially in the fall and winter seasons, carries a high risk of equipment failure or damage due to unfavorable weather outside.
What to keep in mind when electric forklifts are used outdoors in autumn and winter:
●Each electric forklift should be equipped with a built-in cab to protect the operator from rain and snow. In addition, the cabin can be equipped with heating, which will ensure comfort at work, especially in winter.
● Electric forklifts should have a planned parking space inside the building after a long day of work outside. The space should be sheltered, dry, and moderately warm.
● Also, in the place designated to charge the forklift battery - it must be in a dry room with suitable conditions.
● If the electric forklift is operating outside the building during frost, it is important not to allow the battery to fully discharge.
● Vehicles driving on snow or icy roads in winter should also be equipped with chains (for pneumatic tires) or spikes (for super elastic tires). It should be remembered that every time an electric forklift enters a warehouse or building, the chain must be removed and reconnected before the next departure.

It is also very important to check the lubrication of fluids and moving parts in the trolley at any time of the year. The important thing is that in summer, when the temperature is higher, high-density grease is more suitable, and in winter, low-density grease is more suitable. 
What else to remember?
As a standard, regular vehicle inspections should be kept in mind by every forklift owner. Such requirements are defined by law and are designed to minimize accidents caused by the technical condition of the vehicle.
Inspections that should be carried out on electric forklifts in a year:

● Visual inspection before and after daily work by the operator.
●Regular inspection every 30 days.
● and the annual UDT inspection.
Technical testing of forklift efficiency is also carried out before the vehicle is registered and after any major defects are fixed - to confirm its removal and the efficiency of the equipment.


Electric forklifts are ideal for transporting goods outside warehouses and buildings. They provide high performance in all weather conditions, they are low maintenance, and vehicle controls are simple and intuitive.
During the autumn and winter seasons, special attention should be paid to ensuring that the electric forklift is in good technical condition so that it can operate efficiently and economically for many years.