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How to maintain the electric forklift battery?

Date: 2021-11-11 View:

 How to maintain the electric forklift battery?

The power source of electric balanced forklift truck is mainly based on batteries and dc motor. The correct use of the battery of electric forklift truck manufacturer includes correct charging operation, correct exchange and other operating problems are the basic skills to make the parts of electric balanced forklift truck keep the optimal state.

In the battery charging operation of the electric forklift, the battery of the electric counterweight forklift is a relatively weak link. If maintenance work is done well in this regard, it will extend the life and service life of the manufacturer's electric forklift battery. Otherwise, the work efficiency will be reduced and the battery loss of the electric counterweight forklift will be accelerated. Finally, the battery of the manufacturer of the electric forklift does not work properly.

So how to maintain the electric counterbalance forklift battery to make full use of the battery?

1. Habits of use, as a manufacturer of electric forklift battery products, pay attention not to immediately put into work when starting.

2. As a construction machinery vehicle, electric counterbalance forklifts often have to perform large-scale work, and vibration and shaking will inevitably occur. Therefore, we should pay attention when working, and check whether the battery frame is firm before driving.

3. When charging the battery of the manufacturer's electric forklift on a daily basis, remember to unplug it at the best speed after it is fully charged.