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Points for attention in forklift selection

Date: 2022-06-06 View:

 Things to consider when choosing a forklift truck.

When choosing a forklift, the main criteria to consider are load carrying capacity, lift height, type of power, tire composition and operator ergonomics.

There are several types of power types available:
1) Electric motor
2) Internal combustion engines: gasoline; diesel; liquefied petroleum gas (LPG); compressed natural gas (compressed natural gas);
3) Hybrid Motor (Combustion/Electric)

Why use an electric forklift?
1) Emissions: They are more environmentally friendly as they do not emit any fumes. This is why they are more suitable for indoor use, as there is no need to have a ventilation system.
2) Size: Since they do not require a fuel tank, they are more compact and therefore easier to handle and store.
3) Service life: They don't require much maintenance. The battery is easy to replace, so the forklift lasts longer.
4) Low maintenance cost.
5) Noise level: Since there is no combustion, they are not as noisy as other types of forklifts.

1) Operation may be affected by the environment, such as humidity or cold.
2) The initial investment is higher than that of internal combustion engine models.

Why use a diesel forklift?
1) Carrying capacity: They have a higher carrying capacity than electric forklifts, and are preferably used outdoors.
2) Autonomous power.

1) Use of fossil fuels
2) Emissions: Not suitable for indoor work.
3) The purchase price is higher than the gasoline forklift and fluctuating operating costs (depending on the cost of diesel).
4) More bulky than electric forklifts.

Why use a gas forklift?
1) Quickly fill up the fuel tank.
2) Long service life.
3) Can be used indoors and outdoors.
4) Small impact on the environment.

1) The fuel tank at the rear of the forklift is bulky and may obstruct the view.
2) Maintenance cost is higher than other types of motors.

Forklift driver ergonomics

To make the job less difficult, it is ideal to choose a spacious cab that allows the forklift driver to change positions, provides easy entry and exit, and easy movement of the spine and head for better visibility. It is also recommended to avoid vibration, so drive on smooth, unobstructed ground, reduce speed from 9 km/h to 6 km/h during loading/unloading operations, and use wheels in good condition.


1) Soft solid tire: radial metal carcass with thick rubber layer, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, long distance, comfort and good ground support.
2) Cushioned tires: suitable for indoor use, designed for heavy loads, with good ground stability and three times longer service life than soft solid tires.
3) Non-marking tires: For indoor use, do not leave any traces.
4) Puncture-resistant tires: Recommended for surfaces that are not very uniform or unstable, they are puncture-resistant.

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