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Specifications for the operation and use of manual hydraulic trucks.

Date: 2021-06-22 View:

 Specifications for the operation and use of manual hydraulic trucks

Manual hydraulic forklift operating procedures


Ensure safe, convenient, fast and correct operation and meet quality requirements.

Safety inspection before use

1. Check the hydraulic cylinder for leakage before use;
2. Check whether the pulley device is effective before use;
3. Check the pulley device for foreign objects and remove them before use;
4. If any one of the above inspections fails, the use of the equipment is prohibited.

Operation steps

1. Pressing? Push the control handle to the lower position and press the direction handle to press the forklift truck. The weight of the fork goods is strictly prohibited to exceed the weight limit of the forklift truck;
2. Pulling goods? After pressing to lift the goods off the ground, turn the control handle to the neutral position to drag the goods. Do not run while pulling the goods, you need to slow down;
3. Decompression? After pulling the cargo to the destination, push the control handle to the upper position to depressurize the forklift until the cargo touches the ground;
4. Running empty? When running empty, the forklift should be properly pressed and raised to prevent the front axle support frame from contacting the ground and wearing.

Safety precautions

1. The manual hydraulic truck can only be operated by one person, and when multiple people operate, it must be under the unified command of one person;
2. When loading the manual hydraulic truck, overloading, partial loading and single-fork operation are strictly prohibited. The weight of the loaded items must be within the allowable load range of the truck. Please ensure that the length of the fork is greater than or equal to the length of the pallet;
3. It is forbidden for manual hydraulic trucks to park items for a long time;
4. It is strictly forbidden to drop the goods on the manual hydraulic truck from a height;
5. The fork of the manual hydraulic truck must be completely placed under the shelf, and the goods can be lifted up to keep the goods stable before they can be pulled;
6. It is strictly forbidden to load unstable or loosely packed goods, if necessary, arrange personnel to support;
7. The manual hydraulic truck should place the fork as low as possible during the low-load handling process of the goods to prevent the goods from falling;
8. Do not place any part of your body near the mechanical lifting parts of the vehicle, on the loaded goods and under the forks;
9. It is strictly forbidden to operate too fast (no more than 3 km/h, normal walking speed for adults is 5 km/h), and slow down when turning;
10. It is strictly forbidden to operate the manual hydraulic truck on inclined slopes or steep slopes. If the manual hydraulic truck is required to be used on the slope, the operator must not stand in front of the manual hydraulic forklift to avoid the inertia of the manual hydraulic truck causing the speed to be too fast and out of control. hit someone;
11. Manual hydraulic trucks are strictly prohibited to carry people or slide freely on landslides;
12. It is strictly forbidden to work when the operator's sight is blocked;
13. Do not use the manual hydraulic truck on muddy and uneven ground. When using the manual hydraulic truck, you must pay attention to the passage and environment, and cannot hit other people, equipment and other items;
14. When the manual hydraulic truck is not in use, the fork must be lowered to the lowest position with no load and stored in the specified place;
15. Users of manual hydraulic trucks must be regularly maintained, and department managers must regularly arrange maintenance or repairs;
16. The damaged manual hydraulic truck must be repaired or scrapped, and the manual hydraulic truck is prohibited from working with illness.