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Five Ways to Improve Reach Forklift High Stacking Performance

Date: 2022-05-30 View:

 Five Ways to Improve Reach Forklift High Stacking Performance

Forklifts need to stack high, especially when the height is greater than 8 meters, the most suitable is the use of reach forklifts. These types of forklifts are designed to accommodate narrow aisles and achieve high lift heights.

As you can imagine, placing or stacking pallets safely and smoothly at these heights is not an easy task, and much depends on the skill of the operator. For this reason, in this article we share some solutions to help our reach trucks accomplish this task, maintaining a high level of safety and productivity throughout the shift.

(1) High load visibility

By gaining a clear, unobstructed view throughout the process, you'll be able to maintain the highest level of safety for all operators in the workplace. Seeing your load clearly also increases speed, which in turn increases productivity. A clear view of the perimeter and fork tips will minimize damage to cargo or racks, reducing costs. Toyota reach trucks include masts for great visibility, and you can optionally configure a reach truck with a clear roof.

(2) Forklift operator concentration

Doing high stacking work throughout a material handling shift can be exhausting. To keep the operator focused, forklift manufacturers generally have reach trucks with tilt cabs. Not only do they optimize load visibility for faster handling, but they also improve driver position and ergonomics. Combined with a cab and controls designed around the operator, they can enjoy a comfortable driving position, which means less fatigue and stress and increased productivity after a long day at work.

(3) Options for higher precision

The better the visibility of the fork tip, the faster the load can be placed or picked up. This enables faster loading and unloading of goods and minimizes damage to merchandise or pallets, thereby minimizing operating costs. Our reach trucks are available in a variety of options to help pick or place loads faster and more efficiently, such as:
- Load weight indicator
- Altitude indicator
- Height preselector
- Lift height limit
- Cameras on the gantry and/or forks
- Fork laser
- Attachments such as sideshifters and fork positioners
- Automatic tilt and fork centering functions
- State-of-the-art color display with operating information

(4) Maximize performance

Lifting loads and stacks at height takes time, which can be affected by mast swing or transitions between free lifts and main lifts. Reach trucks are designed to ensure high stability and performance while minimizing mast sway. Reach forklift trucks from some big brands are parameterized for smooth, optimized movement based on lift height and load weight. Additionally, the Transition Lift Control (TLC) feature allows a smooth transition between free lift and main lift, providing better ergonomics for the operator thanks to reduced shock and higher lift speeds to ensure greater Stability and safer cargo handling.

(5) Automatic stacking

Why not consider an automatic reach forklift? Automating repetitive tasks in operations, such as storage and retrieval of goods, provides a high level of safety and accuracy for lean storage. The range of automatic reach trucks with scanners and remote viewing auxiliary loaders ensures high productivity and minimizes damage when handling and transporting loads.

FLIFT brand electric reach forklift video: