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What are the main points of the four-wheel drive off-road forklift?

Date: 2022-04-26 View:

 How to improve all rough terrain forklifts work efficiency?

Four-wheel-drive off-road forklifts are gradually welcomed by the market for their excellent off-road working ability. Since many users don't know much about it, they may question whether the off-road forklift is good or not and how efficient it is. Today I will briefly introduce the tips for improving work efficiency of four-wheel-drive off-road forklifts.

Compared with the common internal combustion forklift, the off-road forklift has a higher chassis, a larger counterweight, enough space to match with a high-horsepower engine, and a strong carrying capacity. Full-time four-wheel drive, off-road operation capability and work efficiency are unmatched by ordinary internal combustion forklifts. Reducing hidden dangers enables efficient continuous operation of 4WD off-road forklifts. Five tips are summarized below.

1. Continue to use the gasket
There are many different models and specifications of horns on off-road forklifts, and the horns between the parts of the new car just bought are adjusted by the manufacturer. After working for a period of time, during maintenance, such as the oil pan or valve cover, due to the large contact area, if the gasket is not pressed tightly, oil leakage may occur, and the clutch plate may be dirty and slippery.

2. Regularly replace the oil seal
4WD rough terrain forklifts often work in harsh environments, such as construction sites and outdoors. Large climate temperature difference, exposure and other factors lead to accelerated aging of rubber, easy to lose elasticity, cracks and self-tightening spring failure. At this time, the oil seal effect will be lost, and qualified parts will be replaced regularly according to the standard.

3. Tighten the bolts and nuts
After the cross-country forklift has been running for a period of time, due to the influence of vibration and other factors, the nut may be loose in some places, so it needs to be checked regularly to prevent the oil pan drain plug from being tightened or loosened and falling off, resulting in a large amount of oil leakage and burning of the bearing bushes, hold the shaft.

4. Regularly check the dredging of the check valve

The one-way valve mainly controls the exhaust gas involved in combustion, which is conducive to environmental protection, reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides, and can ensure that the engine has sufficient power. After the blockage, the internal temperature and pressure of the body will increase, the resistance will increase, and the fuel economy will decrease. Therefore, the check valve needs to be checked regularly for cleaning and dredging.

5. Carry out the main bearing test on schedule
The main bearing is equivalent to the keel of the off-road forklift. The forklift relies on the appearance of the main bearing to ensure the safe operation of the main bearing, which can reduce the potential safety hazards by more than 30%. The main bearing is the key to safety precautions.

The off-road capability and work efficiency of four-wheel-drive off-road forklifts have begun to be recognized by the market. If you are interested in off-road forklifts, please contact us.