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Customers' attention to forklift lithium batteries and answers.

Date: 2022-05-07 View:

 Customers' attention to forklift lithium batteries and answers.

1. Is there pollution of lithium batteries?
A: The definition of lithium batteries is that environmentally -friendly batteries are not polluted, and they do not contain heavy metals inside. In fact, the electrolyte part has a certain
Chemical pollution ingredients, but the impact is extremely small.

2. What are the battery specifications of the lithium battery industry?
A: The application in the forklift industry is a large module of lithium iron phosphate, 150AH \ 200AH \ 240AH \ 320AH \ 400AH \ 500 AH\ 600AH \ 840AH, etc..

3. How long can a lithium battery forklift work (such as 80V400AH)?
A: After the forklift lead -acid lithium replacement, in principle, according to energy conservation, the use time of lithium batteries will be used more than lead -acid batteries of the same capacity. The use time for forklifts mainly depends on the frequency of use and the weight of the fork car, and the workers of the split car. The 80V400AH battery, if it can be supplemented for an hour at noon, there should be no problem with 8 hours of working.

4. How long can the forklift battery be full?
A: This generally depends on the power of the charger. Generally, it is recommended that customers use 0.5C charging to give full play to the characteristics of lithium battery fast charging and long cycle. For example, the 80V400AH battery can charging more than 90%with 200A charger for 2 hours, which takes about 2.5 hours.

5. Can the lithium battery be used in the cold storage at -20 ° C?
A: Generally, lithium batteries can be used at -20 ° C.

6. Does the forklift lithium battery need special person to arrange for maintenance?
A: Lithium batteries do not need to be taken care of, do not need to be maintained regularly, nor need to be added regularly. The manufacturer may upgrade the battery management system according to the actual situation.

7. What is the lithium battery ranking in the forklift industry?
A: The lithium battery in the forklift industry has not formed an echelon. It is currently in the early stage. At present, the main cooperation is the industry's OEMs. It can be seen that the quality of the product is stable and reliable.

8. Is the ternary battery good or a lithium iron phosphate battery?
A: Both the ternary battery and the lithium iron phosphate battery belong to a lithium battery, so there is no good or bad.
What kind of application is used. For example, if the mobile phone battery needs to be light, all the ternary batteries are suitable, and the car and industrial battery are different
There are no special requirements such as energy density, so the long life of iron lithium is more appropriate.

9. Will the lithium battery pack be charged or put on?
A: The overcharge of lithium batteries (lithium iron phosphate batteries) refers to the rechargement of the battery cells above 3.7V.
By 2.5V, both cases will affect the performance and service life of the battery. The battery has an autonomous management system, which will have two overcharge protection in combination with the use of chargers; the battery will self -sleep when the equipment is not used to reduce power consumption to ensure that the battery will not be put on Make up the power once every three months to ensure the good backup status of the battery.
10. Can lead -acid trams be replaced directly into lithium battery?
A: Yes, you do n’t need to change the original structure, but you need to add a set of display instruments and battery communication to ensure the accuracy of battery power.

11. What kind of customers are suitable for lithium battery?
A: (1)For those with high operating comfort (simple lithium charging, no special personnel are required);
          (2) For places with high environmental requirements (such as the cold area of the food and medicine cold storage north (the heating system is required inside the battery))
          (3) Companies with frequent use and short charging time (such as ceramic enterprises in Logistics Park Express Company, etc.)