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Precautions for manual stacker trucks

Date: 2020-05-11 View:

 What should be paid attention to when using a manual stacker?

Manual hydraulic stacker is the most widely used handling tool in modern logistics. Manual forklift stacker is safe and durable, small in size, economical, efficient and simple. The manual hydraulic stacker is mainly used for handling the vertical stage. The manual forklift stacker uses the manual hydraulic device as the power to lift the heavy objects, and the manpower pushes and pulls the heavy objects.

Precautions for manual hydraulic stacker:

1. Before operating the manual forklift stacker, understand the performance of the manual hydraulic stacker. Before each use, carefully check whether the manual forklift stacker is normal. It is strictly forbidden to use the faulty manual hydraulic stacker. If it is found that the safety device of the manual forklift stacker fails or other components fail to cause potential safety hazards, it should stop using it, place the "dangerous, prohibited operation" sign in a prominent position, and seek professional maintenance in time.

2. The manual hydraulic stacker can only be used indoors with flat and hard floors, and it is strictly prohibited to use it in corrosive environments such as acid and alkali.

3. The manual forklift stacker is strictly prohibited to be overloaded, and the load capacity and load center should meet the requirements of the specification table.

4. When the manual hydraulic stacker is used for stacking, the center of gravity of the goods must be within two forks, and it is strictly forbidden to stack loose goods.

5. The appearance of the manual forklift stacker should be kept intact, and any damage should be recorded and reported immediately. The cause of the collision and rubbing during the operation should be found to avoid recurrence.

6. When the manual hydraulic stacker stacks goods, it is strictly forbidden to stand under the forks or around the vehicle.

7. The manual forklift stacker is strictly prohibited from working on the fork.

8. When the goods are at a high place, they should be slowly pushed forward or pulled back slowly, and no turning is allowed.

9. The manual hydraulic stacker requires regular maintenance and should be completed by professionals.

10. The exterior of the manual forklift stacker should be kept clean and avoid storing sundries on the manual hydraulic stacker.