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8 common types of forklifts

Date: 2020-02-16 View:

 8 common types of forklifts

Forklifts are one of the most widely used mechanical equipment in the industrial field. Whether in warehouses, factories or construction sites, forklifts are required for a large number of cargo handling work. However, there are many types of forklifts, and there are different types and capacities of forklifts. Before purchasing or renting a project, you need to have a relative understanding of forklifts.

According to different operation methods, the future robot lists 8 types of forklifts that are currently popular on the market, and the unmanned situation of each type of forklift:

1) Pallet forklift

Pallet forklifts are divided into electric pallet forklifts and manual pallet forklifts. Generally, the load is about 2T. It is mainly used in the transfer of goods inside and outside the production line and warehouse. Since there is no hoisting gantry, pallet forklifts are only used in plane handling scenarios. Although pallet trucks cannot lift loads, acquisition and rental costs are much lower.

2) Stacking forklift

Stacking forklifts, also known as pallet stacker forklifts, refer to wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. The stacker truck has a gantry, but does not have a cab like other lift trucks, mainly for flexible handling and stacking operations.

3) Counterbalanced forklift

Counterbalanced forklift is one of the most widely used forklift classifications. The fork of the counterbalanced forklift is outside the center line of the front wheel. A counterbalanced forklift equipped with pneumatic tires runs faster and has better climbing ability. A wide range of operations is suitable for loading and unloading, stacking and handling of finished goods in ports, stations and enterprises. Forklifts up to 3 tons can also work in cabins, train cars and containers. The general lifting height is 3-6 meters.

4) Reach forklift

The gantry or fork of the reach forklift can be moved back and forth, the maximum lifting height has reached 12 meters, and the load range is from 1 to 2.5 tons. Special-purpose products such as double-depth reach forklifts, indoor and outdoor universal reach forklifts, etc., have gradually become the main tools.

5) Picking forklifts

The picking forklift is also known as the order-picker forklift. The forks and the foot pedals for people standing are installed on the inner carriage and move up and down together with the loading and unloading device, and the operator can act on both sides of it to pick the items stored on the shelves on both sides. The lifting height of the picking forklift is 4 to 12 meters. The picking forklift has a small turning radius and is suitable for narrow passages and high-rise warehouses.

6) Off-road forklift

Off-road forklifts are the main classification of forklifts for outdoor operations. Compared with industrial counterbalanced forklifts, off-road forklifts use pneumatic tires and are suitable for outdoor construction and work on uneven surfaces, such as gravel, sand, mud and even snow-covered ground. . Off-road forklifts have powerful engines that make them faster, more agile and durable. The load of the off-road forklift is generally 3-5T.

7) Heavy Duty Forklift

Heavy-duty forklifts (also known as large-capacity forklifts) combine the functions of warehouse forklifts with telescopic forklifts, with high load capacity and a lifting capacity of 13T-48T. Common heavy-duty forklifts include heavy-duty forklifts and container fronts Forklifts and container stackers are generally used in a relatively narrow range, focusing on heavy industry and container terminals.

8) Telescopic Boom Forklift

A telehandler, also called a telehandler, has a boom and a telescopic arm. The fork attached to the telescopic boom moves 2.5 of material off the ground and hoisted from 6-19 meters high in the air. Telescopic forklifts are very suitable for reaching into narrow spaces and are widely used in factories, stations, docks, freight yards, post and telecommunications, forests, building materials, warehouses and other places.