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FLIFT 3 ton electric towing tractor with high quality for sale

Date: 2022-03-16 View:

 Widely use in warehouse high efficiency 3 ton electric tow tractor

Electric towing tractor is a good choice for high efficiency and heavy duty handling task.

Configuration and performance:
1. American CURTIS brand drive control system;
2. Multifunctional integrated handle;

3. Electronic steering, lightweight;
4. Integrated brand low-pitched hydraulic pump;
5. AC drive, no carbon brush, maintenance-free motor;

6. Electromagnetic and regenerative braking system;
7. Drive shock absorption system/pedal, handle shock absorption;
8. Inductive proximity switch.

3 ton electric towing tractor specification
Rated load kg 3000
Maximum lift height mm 365
Bearing shaft head height from the ground mm 195
Fork leg outer width mm 560
Overall length mm 1620
Overall width mm 850
Wheel base mm 1245
Turning radius mm 1545
Travel speed km/h 4/5
Gradeability % 5/8
Service weight kg 750
Drive wheel mm 230*75
Front wheel mm 150*90
Balance wheel mm 130*55
FLIFT forklifts CE approved: