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FLIFT brand automated 1.5 ton electric AC drive narrow AGV stacker for warehouse

Date: 2022-03-11 View:

 New Design AGV Stacker Robot 1.5 Tons Narrow Aisle Electric Pallet Stacker

FLIFT 1.5 Ton AGV Stacker Configuration/Performance:
1. Short wheelbase, ultra-narrow body;
2. Wire-controlled debugging integrated handle;

3. Electromagnetic hydraulic valve, descending proportional valve;
4. Low noise hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump control;
5. CAN communication, lithium battery;

6. Navigator mount; Body damping system;
7. Various sensor switch brackets.

FLIFT 1.5 Ton AGV Stacker Safety:
1. Curve automatic deceleration device;
2. Drive stepless speed regulation;
3. The controller has multiple automatic protection systems;

4. Emergency braking device;
5. Cylinder safety shut-off valve;
6. Blue light warning light.

FLIFT 1.5 ton AGV electric pallet stacker specification
Rated load kg 1500
Load Center mm 500
Wheel base mm 895
Service weight kg 850
Tire configuration
Mast type
Number of cylinders
Drive wheel mm 230*75
Load bearing wheel mm 85*70
Auxiliary wheel mm 100*50
Lift height mm 1600
Overall length mm 1600
Overall width mm 890
Vehicle height (including laser mount) mm 1950
Fork size (L*W*T) mm 1150*190*65
Fork outer width mm 780
Ground clearance mm 29
Turning radius mm 1140
Minimum stacking channel 1200*1000mm pallet 2000
Travel speed km/h 5.0/ 5.5
Lifting speed mm/s 90/120
Max. Gradeability % 5/8
Lifting motor kw 2.2
Drive motor kw 1.5
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/160
Steering system

FLIFT forklifts CE approved:

FLIFT 1.5 ton electric AGV stacker testing video: