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Six categories of electric forklifts and their respective performance characteristics

Date: 2022-06-01 View:

 Six categories of electric forklifts and their respective performance characteristics

(1) Electric pallet handling forklift

The main function of the electric pallet forklift is to realize the point-to-point movement of palletized goods on the plane, so there is no gantry lifting system, and it is suitable for places that focus on handling and do not need stacking. Three types with different costs.

(2) Electric pallet stacking forklift

The electric pallet stacking forklift is a light-duty indoor lifting and stacking equipment, focusing on the stacking function due to its lightweight body. It is suitable for handling light and small materials in floor warehouses or other narrow places.

(3) Reach forklift

The hoisting mechanism of the reach forklift can move back and forth in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. When picking up goods. Reach forklifts have good flexibility, high lifting safety and stability. But since the wheels are smaller. Passability is limited, and because of its complex structure and high cost, it is suitable for places with narrow space and high lifting height requirements, and is mostly used in high-rise warehouses.

(4) Universal electric forklift

The universal electric forklift can travel in all directions, and the steering is flexible. After picking up the goods, it can turn in place according to the site restrictions and move the forklift in any direction. This model solves the problem of turning long materials in a narrow space, greatly saves space, and can realize oblique stacking and dismantling in trains and automobiles.

(5) Four-way electric forklift

The four-way electric forklift integrates the functions of a reach forklift, side fork and counterbalanced forklift. When the fork is unloaded, the fork is extended, and after the fork is unloaded, the fork returns to the middle position close to the car body, so the stability of the forklift is greatly improved. However, due to the complex structure, the cost is high.

(6) VNA narrow aisle forklift

The main feature of the VNA narrow aisle forklift is that the gantry lifting mechanism can be rotated in three directions, and the car body does not need to be rotated during stacking, only the cargo or the gantry needs to be rotated. Therefore the channel width requirement is greatly reduced.

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