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Maintenance tips for diesel forklifts in winter.

Date: 2022-05-16 View:

 Maintenance tips for diesel forklifts in winter

Winter is a test for diesel forklifts. If you don't pay attention to maintenance, it may bring a series of problems.

1. Pay attention to the insulation of the forklift

Although the forklift is made of steel, it is not easy to cope with the cold climate. Too low temperature may cause damage to the engine, etc., and reduce the service life. Therefore, try to park the forklift indoors to avoid the double impact of cold wind and heavy snow, and put a thermal insulation curtain on the engine cover at the end of the work.

2. Pay attention to choosing the right diesel

When the temperature is low, the density and viscosity of diesel oil will become greater, which will lead to less fluidity. The density and viscosity increase, resulting in low atomization rate of diesel fuel, incomplete combustion, decreased efficiency during operation, high fuel consumption, and increased cost. Therefore, in winter, you must choose the right diesel for diesel forklifts. It is best to choose diesel with different labels according to the actual temperature in the end.

3. Drain the cooling water when not in use

Diesel forklifts are not suitable for a long time in winter. Remember to drain the cooling water and empty it, otherwise the cooling water will freeze and expand, which will break the body and cause damage to the equipment.

The above three maintenance tips, I hope to help you, so that you don't have to worry about diesel forklifts while enjoying the snow scene.