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Precautions after using the warehouse electric forklift

Date: 2015-08-04 View:

 Precautions after using the warehouse electric forklift

The safe use of electric forklifts has attracted much attention, but the precautions after use are often overlooked, which should not be the case.

The following are some precautions after the electric forklift is put into storage:

1. Forklift trucks should be parked in designated locations. It is strictly prohibited to park in the aisles, and it is prohibited to park in places with uneven slopes. Violators will be severely punished.
2. Before parking, be sure to adjust the height of the teeth to about 10CM to the ground (not higher than 15CM and not lower than 5cm). The key must be taken out and handed over to the custodian of the electric vehicle.

3. Forklift trucks should be regularly maintained for daily maintenance and weekly maintenance. In response to the battery fluid, distilled water should be replenished in time. Check whether to add water according to the display of the buoy. If there is no buoy, check whether the distilled water is level with the bottom of the distilled water bottle. If it is lower than the bottom of the distilled water bottle, add water. The amount of water must not exceed the distilled water bottle. Bottom of the bottle!!!
4. When the power of the forklift battery is about to run out, it must be charged in time, and it must be parked in the charging area for charging. Pay attention to safety when charging (check whether the wires and charging sockets are damaged, they can be used without damage, and you can leave after everything is correct).