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All Terrain Rough Pallet Stacker Outdoor Stacker Rough Terrain Forklift 1.5 Ton Off Road Stacker

Date: 2022-04-01 View:

 CE certification 1.5 ton rough terrain electric pallet stacker with 2 meter lift height

FLIFT electric pallet stacker, easy to use even for inexperienced operators.

Ideal for light use in narrow warehouse environments and occasional stacking and order picking.

Main performance 
       (1) Use special C-shaped channel steel for forklifts.
       (2) Sealing and waterproofing of the wiring plug of the whole vehicle.

(3) It adopts the well-known hydraulic pump station in the industry, with low noise and low power consumption.
       (4) The lifting height of the mast is optional 2m/2.5m/3m.

FLIFT 1.5 ton rough terrain stacker specification
Power Type
Lead Battery
Operation Type
Standing Driving
Load Capacity kg 1500
Load Center mm 400
Lift Height mm 3000
Wheel Base mm 1151
Overal Dimension mm 1600*1200
Fork Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1080*140*60
Fork Width Min./Max. mm 685
Turning Radius mm 1600
Min.Right Angle Channel Width mm 1000
Self weight kg 600
Battery Weight kg 52
Wheel Type
Solid Rubber
Driving Wheel Sizes mm 250×70
Loading wheel sizes mm 370×100
Min. Ground Clearance mm 114
Driving Motor kw(60min) 1.5
Liifting Motor kw(60min) 2.2
Battery dimension mm 271×174×213
Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 24/80

FLIFT forklift CE approved: