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How high can an electric pallet truck lift?

Date: 2024-05-14 View:

 How high can an electric pallet truck lift?

The main function of an electric pallet truck is to transport goods
from a certain location to a designated location.
The purpose is to reduce labor consumption and improve handling efficiency.
The basic operations of an electric pallet truck are to raise and lower the forks,
and move the vehicle forward and backward.

Therefore, the lifting height of an electric truck is generally 200 mm,
which is just enough to fork the pallet and lift it off the ground,
keeping a certain distance from the ground, and allowing it to travel freely.

►An excessively high lifting height is not necessary for a truck.
One is because the handling efficiency is weakened,
and the other is that an excessively high lifting height
will increase the instability of cargo handling,
which may cause loss of cargo.

FLIFT provides non-standard customized services.
The following is a customized case.

Customized wide reach forks

Customized 4.5m fork length

Customized Semi-enclosed backrest

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