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China three way electric pallet stacker 1.5 ton narrow aisle stacker

Date: 2022-06-01 View:

 FLIFT 1.5 ton narrow aisle electric pallet stacker good price

Three-way electric pallet stacker is mainly used in medicine, logistics, electronic and electrical industry and other industries.

Mast with shock absorber to reduce vibration during lifting and lowering, when the fork is close to the ground, its lowering speed is automatically reduced (soft landing). Prevents the load from being damaged by vibration and also reduces the driver's work stress.

The body self-locking stabilization system automatically locks the body floating mechanism when the forklift is stacking, increasing the rigidity of the body and greatly reducing the vibration of the body.

High-strength roof guard, very strong, but also provides excellent visibility for the driver.

High speed limit, when the forklift lifts to a certain height, the take-off and landing speed is automatically reduced.

Inch capability, thanks to the use of alternating current technology and electronic control equipment, the forklift can perform extremely fine adjustments while on the move. This feature is very useful when carrying out loading operations.

FLIFT 1.5 ton electric 3-way pallet stacker specification
Power type
Operation type
Stand up
Rated capacity kg 1500
Load center mm 600
Front overhang mm 670
Wheelbase mm 1700
Service weight(incl. battery) kg 5520
Wheel type
Tyre size, load side mm 140*127
Tyre size, drive side mm 380*165
Balance wheel size mm 204*76
Wheel quantity, front/rear(X=drive)
Wheel tread, drive side mm 726
Wheel tread, load side mm 1280
Height of mast closed mm 2823
Lifting height mm 4500
Height of mast with backrest mm 5555
Station board height mm 355
Fork size mm 1200/125/50

FLIFT forklift CE approved: