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High Efficient Rated Capacity 1600kg Man Mount Three Way Pallet Stacker with Load Centre 600mm

Date: 2022-06-02 View:

Innovative Convenient Total Lifting Height 6200mm Man Mount Three Way Pallet Stacker with Collapsible Seat

The Fork of the Man Mount Pallet Stacker can be freely rated 180°,The Man mount Three way pallet stacker working in ultra-narrow 1.65m channel can be fork to pick up to goods,the vehicle does not need to turn.

It has the function of both a reach stacker and a high-lift order picker, especially the picking of scattered goods.At the same, the man-mount operation mode provides excellent working vision and is safer.

The vehicle is equipped with a side shift rotation linkage function as standard, which can quickly adjust the fork direction with one key operation in the ultra-narrow roadway, which is convenient for forking and retrieving goods on both sides of the shelf. 

Product Parameters
Driving Type
Rated Capacity kg 1600
Loading Center mm 600
Carry Distance mm 435
Service Weight mm 7720
Wheel Type
WheelBase mm


Fork Size mm


Wheel Size(Load-bearing wheels) mm


Wheel Size((Driving Wheels) mm 400*160
Tire Quantity mm


Tread mm 1310
The Lowered Mast Height mm 3665
Main Mast Lifting Height mm 4500
Secondly Mast Lifting Height mm 1700
Mast Extended Height mm 7130
Overhead Guard height mm 2590
Total Lifting Height  mm 6200
Max. Picking Order Height mm 6545
Turning Radius mm 2235