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The electric stacker will accelerate the wear of wearing parts during operation, so it needs to be regularly maintained

Date: 2022-06-02 View:

 The electric stacker will accelerate the wear of wearing parts during operation, so it needs to be regularly maintained

With the development of the warehousing and logistics industry, the electric stacker, as a common cargo handling vehicle, plays a convenient role in logistics transportation and stacking handling. The electric stacker uses the battery as the energy source and the motor as the starting device for operation, which can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and win the opportunity for enterprises to compete in the market. Therefore, many users have chosen to buy electric stacker trucks. However, there will be wearing parts when using the electric stacker. What are they? Let's take a look.

1. Wheels
The wheel material of the stacker can be divided into polyurethane wheel, nylon or wheel rubber; polyurethane wheel is widely used because it is safe and soft. Nylon wheels are used in manual stacker trucks or semi-electric stacker trucks because of their light weight and high stiffness. Rubber wheels are used for special needs of users. The wheel is the part of the electric stacker that contacts the ground, and it is inevitable to wear during the movement of the ground. Therefore, the general manufacturers sell stackers without warranty.

2. Battery
Electric stacker is a transportation and handling equipment that stores energy through batteries and is driven by electricity. The battery is an important part of the electric stacker. At present, the batteries of electric stacker trucks are generally lead-acid battery packs; the chemical reaction inside the battery generally has an active cycle, and the general plastic shell start-up battery can only be used for 1-2 years, and the iron shell is installed. The battery pack can be charged and discharged 700 times in general, and it can be used for almost 3 years under normal conditions. In the later period of use, the maintenance of the battery is important.

3. Carbon brush
The motor carbon brush has always played a role in contact, but just like a pencil, it is always worn, so it is an inevitable trend to wear it off. However, in general, the carbon brushes of the motor can be used for three to five years once replaced.

4. Bearing
Many bearings are installed inside the wheel. When the wheel is replaced, the bearing will be scrapped. However, generally good bearings can be used for three to five years.

5. Oil seal
The oil seal generally acts on the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder and acts as a seal. With the long-term friction of the piston rod, it is normal for the oil seal to wear off. Generally speaking, the oil seal is not guaranteed.

6. Plastic shell
The damage of the plastic casing is basically caused by human operation, and the probability of this damage is relatively high. The manufacturer usually lists it as a vulnerable part and does not provide warranty services of repair when selling it.

In general, the wearing parts of the all-electric stacker mainly refer to the devices that are easily damaged due to wear and tear during operation. These damages are technically unsolvable problems, so they are not within the scope of the manufacturer's three guarantees. In the process of use, understand some precautions for the use of electric stackers, and do a good job in the maintenance of electric stackers, which can also prolong the service life of wearing parts. The above is all the content, I hope it can be helpful to everyone after reading it.
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