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High Efficient Fork Length 1200mm Man mount Three-way Stacker with Load center 600mm

Date: 2022-06-06 View:

Automatic Factory Supply Rated Capacity 1600kg Man Mount Three-way Battery Stacker

The driver can control and grasp all the status of the vehicle through the integrated control panel.

Support fork side shift movement, final draft lifting, main and secondary mast synchronous lifting and descending and other practical functions.

After detecting obstacles or people in front of and behind the set distance,automatically accelerate until stopping,ultra-high safety.

Through the setting of the height Sensor and the optimization of the hydraulic and electrical system of the whole vehicle.

Product Parameters

Driving Type
Man Mount/Standed/Seated
Rated Capacity kg 1600
Loading Centre mm 600
Carry Distance  mm 435
Service Weight kg 7720
Wheelbase mm 1950
The Lowered mast height mm 3665
Main Mast Lifting mm 4500
Service Weight mm 7720
Fork Size mm 1200*125*50
Fork outer distance mm 260-725
Turning Radius mm 2235

Secondly Mast Lifting Height

mm 1700

Mast Extended Height

mm 7130

Overhead Guard Height

mm 2590

Height of the Station Board From the Ground

mm 445

Total Lifting Height

mm 6200

Max.Picking Order Height

mm 6545

Overall Width

mm 3475

Overall Width

mm 3475


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