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High Quality 1.5ton DGXC1520 Rough Terrain Electric Stacker with fork width 685mm for sale

Date: 2022-06-08 View:

Famous Brand FLIFT Rough Terrain Electric Stacker DGXC1520 1500KG with Load center 400mm

Electric stacker is a kind of transport vehicle for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallets.Including: all electric stacker, semi electric stacker, forward moving stacker, forward moving all electric stacker, forward moving counterweight Stacker.

Electric stacker is widely used in factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center, station, freight yard and so on. It can enter the cabin, carriage and container to load and unload pallet goods.

This product adopts the well-known hydraulic pump station in the industry, with low noise, low power consumption and low carbon environmental pollution.The wiring plug of the whole car is sealed and waterproof so that the product is safe and reliable and can be used at ease. 

Product Parameters
Load Center mm 400
Lift Height mm 2000
Wheelbase mm 1151
Overall Dimension mm 1730*800
Mast unraise/raise Height mm 1580/2250
Fork Dimesion mm 1080*140*60
Fork Width MIn./Max. mm 685
Min. Ground Clearance mm 5
Turning Radius mm 1410
Min.Right Angle Channel Width mm 1000
Self Weight kg 500
Wheel Type(turning/driving) mm Solid PU
Driving Wheel Sizes mm 210*70
Auxiliary wheel Sizes mm 110*55


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