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What are the characteristics of the stereoscopic warehouse electric stacker?

Date: 2022-06-07 View:

 What are the characteristics of the stereoscopic warehouse electric stacker?

Now widely used electric forklifts are divided into four-wheel forklifts, all-electric stacker trucks, and semi-electric stacker trucks. The stereoscopic warehouse electric stacker mentioned here includes all-electric stacker trucks and semi-electric stackers.

The stereoscopic warehouse electric stacker is the core equipment of the logistics system integration project and the main lifting and transportation equipment in the stereoscopic warehouse. It is a special hoisting equipment developed with the stereoscopic warehouse. The warehouse using this equipment can reach up to 40m. Most are between 10 and 25m. The main purpose of the stacker is to shuttle back and forth between the lanes of the stereoscopic warehouse. Store the goods at the entrance of the roadway into the cargo compartment. Or take out the goods in the cargo compartment and transport them to the roadway. Such as semi-electric stacker truck and full-electric stacker truck wheel climbing limit, this equipment can only run in the warehouse. Other equipment is also required to allow goods in and out of the warehouse.

The stacker reduces the labor intensity of workers. Improved warehouse utilization and turnover. It has the following characteristics:

1. The stacker is a special equipment for the stereoscopic warehouse. It has a high handling and access speed, and can complete the in-out operation in a short time.

2. The size of the stacker itself is small, it can operate in the lanes with small width, and it is suitable for high-rise racking operations.

3. The stacker can be controlled remotely, and the operation process does not require manual intervention, with a high degree of automation and easy management.

4. The stacking crane has high reliability and good stability when working.

5. The stacker has a special pick-up device, such as a fork. Mechanical hand etc.

6. The power control system of the stacker is fast. Stable and accurate features, to ensure fast. precise. Safely remove and deposit goods.

7. The stacker has a series of interlocking protection measures, due to the narrow working site. A little inaccuracy will destroy the warehouse, so the all-electric stacker or semi-electric stacker is equipped with corresponding protection measures.

FLIFT electric pallet stacker video show: