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Technology Factory Professional Four-way Reach forklift-truck CQD20S-60 with Rated Capacity 2000kg

Date: 2022-06-16 View:

Easy Operation High Safety cqd20s-60 Four-way Reach Forklift with Load center 500mm

Wide Angle view, high strength shock absorption door frame, CURTIS brand drive control system, Mid-south transmission, electronic steering, light and quiet, Shimadzu brand low noise hydraulic pump and valve, four way travel, drive speed compensation,Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system, high and low voltage limit electrical overheating protection, line fault detection, error code diagnosis, torch brand 48V large capacity lead acid battery.

Bend automatic deceleration device, fork high cargo position automatic deceleration, drive stepless speed regulation, controller multiple automatic protection system, induction type safety seat, cylinder safety cut-off valve low noise hydraulic, side pull type battery IED headlamp, optional widened fork, double fork.  

Product Parameters
Product Name
Reach Forklift Truck
Operation Type
Seated type
Rated Capacity kg 2000
Max. Lifting Height mm 6000
Load Center mm 500
Load at maximum lift kg 1000
Tyre type
Solid PU
Fork Size mm 1070*100*45
Adjustment range of fork mm 260-820
Overall Length mm 2480
Overall width mm 1800
Mast Lowered Height mm 2680
Reach the highest forklift height mm 6985
Turning Radius mm 1900