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Walkie Electric Stacker Truck Walkie Full Electric 1.5 ton Pallet Stacker

Date: 2022-06-07 View:

 FLIFT hot sell electric pallet stacker 1.5ton 3meter stacking forklift cheap price

With strength, versatility and reliability in mind, our range has been chosen to satisfy the demands of handling and warehousing professionals.

FLIFT walking behind electric stacker is a new choice for the medium stacking operations with capacities from 1000kg to 1500kg. It is with compacted chassis, light weight, smaller turning radius which can be more flexible and useful in the material handling and logistic transportation.

Wide view and high quality mast for high residual lift capacities and perfect view through the mast which ensure an excellent experiences for the operator and highly increase the working efficiency.

Separately excited drive motor, strong climbing force;
Special gantry channel steel for high-strength forklifts;
Multifunctional integrated handle;
Special operating handle for narrow channel;
High power lifting hydraulic pump station. 

FLIFT 1.5 ton electric pallet stacker specification
Rated load kg 1500
Load Center mm 500
Operation mode
Walking handle type
Bearing wheel mm 85*70
Drive wheel mm 210*70
Auxiliary wheel mm 130*55
Lifting height mm 3000
Mast Lowered Height mm 2080
Mast Extended Height mm 3560
Ground clearance mm 85
Overall length mm 1710
Overall width mm 800
Wheel base mm 1185
Fork size (L*W*T) mm 1150*160*60
Minimum stacking channel 1000*1200mm pallet 2205
Turning radius mm 1366
Max. Gradeability(loaded/unloaded) % 3/6
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/60
Service weight kg 625

FLIFT brand products CE certificate: