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Forklift common fault analysis and treatment methods

Date: 2022-06-21 View:

 Forklift common fault analysis and treatment methods

Today, we will take you to understand the causes and solutions of several common faults in the use of forklifts, and hope to help you!

1. The oil return pipe of the lifting cylinder is seriously leaking and automatically descends

The main reason is that the oil seal between the lifting cylinder and the piston rod is damaged: replace the corresponding oil seal, but it is necessary to pay attention during the implementation process, and the staff often do not work according to the methods and skills. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the corresponding fixing ring of the hard iron sheet for the live port, cover the oil seal, clamp it with pliers and send it to the cylinder, so as to prevent it from being wasted.

2. The left and right lift piston rods are not lifted synchronously

The cause of the problem is the expansion of the nylon guide sleeve between the two: during the implementation process, the nylon guide sleeve is effectively integrated. Guarantee the value of its expansion, and there will be no problems in the application process.

3. No lift, no direction

Imperfect hydraulic oil, contaminants in it, cracked hydraulic oil filter: You can replace the hydraulic oil with a new one in time. Or you can replace the effective filter in time.

4. The steering wheel is not flexible when turning the steering wheel

The reason is that the positioning reed of the steering gear is broken and the steering cylinder is leaking: the solution is to turn the direction in place, and if the direction is too light, it can be clear that there is a problem with the positioning reed, and it is enough to replace it. If you feel that there is a certain force when turning the steering wheel, but the steering wheel is very inflexible, and can be rotated 360 degrees to the left or right, that is to say, there is a problem with the oil seal on the piston in the steering cylinder. This leads to internal leakage, and the oil seal needs to be replaced.

5. The situation of shaking during the lifting of the piston rod of the lifting cylinder

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank is not perfect, which leads to problems with the pressure of the hydraulic pump. After that, it is necessary to make sure that there is air in the hydraulic pipeline to the piston section of the oil cylinder: increase the hydraulic oil. And the oil cylinder is raised to the top and then dropped to the bottom, and the air existing in the hydraulic pipeline can be discharged by repeated operations, so as to effectively solve the problem.