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What are the effects of a fire at the contact point of an electric forklift?

Date: 2022-06-09 View:

 What are the effects of a fire at the contact point of an electric forklift?

Under normal circumstances, attention must be paid to each contact point of the electric forklift equipment circuit, and it is necessary to prevent the high temperature ignition of the circuit due to the ignition of the contact point and cause an accident. We also need to frequently check if there is too much dust in the warehouse where the electronic controls are installed. If there is too much dust, blow the dust with high pressure air. Note that high pressure air cannot be blown directly into the electronic control unit from the gap in the electronic control unit plug. There is water vapor. In case of discrete electronic controls, check for cleanliness. In addition to the control card, you can also use high pressure air to blow a little. After blowing, wait a while before driving. Remember to turn on the power in advance. The plug is not pulled out. When checking, you should also pay attention to the main fuse and check whether the checker is firmly installed.

Electric forklifts are different from stationary machinery. Their working environment is random and their working conditions depend on the immediate actions of the driver. Therefore, the safety of forklift operation is almost entirely in the hands and feet of the forklift driver. Operators have higher safety skill requirements than other operators. In short, as long as the forklift driver masters safe operation techniques, abides by safe operation rules, drives according to regulations, is civilized and polite, and is diligent in inspection and maintenance, all kinds of car accidents can be avoided.

Summer is a season when electric forklifts are prone to high temperatures. Pay special attention to the operating temperature of the motor, the cleanliness of the radiator, and the normal use of the cooling fan. At the same time, pay attention to the cleanliness of the vehicle and avoid local high temperature. When the temperature of the forklift is too high, please pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will increase, and when the temperature is high, a puncture will occur. Therefore, be sure to check the temperature and pressure of your tires when driving in hot conditions. If you find that the tire pressure of the forklift is too high, please deal with it in time.