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How to load the forklift

Date: 2022-06-08 View:

 How to load the forklift

1. Determine the position of the fork according to the width of the goods. The two forks are equidistant from the center of the forklift. The forklift is positioned in the fork slot, the gantry is set in a vertical position, and the fork is lifted to a suitable height.

2. No one shall stand or pass under the forks of the lifted load.

3. The forklift should approach the goods carefully at a low speed. When the forklift lifts forward and reaches the center of the goods, the center of gravity of the goods should be at the center of the fork, then lift the goods, and after confirming that the goods are stable, lean back and slowly adjust the door. Raise the rack to a suitable height, and then slowly move the forklift backward or forward.

4. Do not lift the fork while driving.

5. When using the hook to lift the iron bucket, wait for the two claws to grasp the iron bucket before lifting.

6. When the forklift is lifting the fork object, if there is a ground-lifting phenomenon at the rear or side of the forklift, it should stop immediately.

7. When the forklift lifts dangerous or valuable objects, it must be commanded by one person before it can be operated, and it is strictly forbidden to command more than one person.

8. When the forklift is loaded with dangerous goods, it is only allowed to shovel one pallet at a time. When emptying the pallet, the height of the pallet cannot exceed the height of the forklift gantry.
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