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Forklift loading and unloading, stacking safety specifications

Date: 2022-06-10 View:

 Forklift loading and unloading, stacking safety specifications

1. The center of gravity of the goods is in the specified load center, and the rated lifting capacity shall not be exceeded. If the center of gravity of the goods changes, the lifting capacity shall comply with the regulations on the load line sign of the lifting capacity on the vehicle;

2. The fork spacing should be adjusted according to the size of the goods, so that the center of gravity of the weight of the goods is on the longitudinal axis of the forklift;

3. When the forks of the battery forklift approach or withdraw from the goods, the speed should be slow and steady; when the forks are inserted into the pile, the fork frame should be tilted forward; after the goods are loaded into the forks, the fork frame should be backward, so that the goods are close to the fork wall, And confirm that the goods are placed in a stable and reliable manner before driving;

4. The battery forklift can only be loaded and unloaded after it is stopped and the handbrake is tightened. There should be no one near the fork during operation. Generally, the fork should not be used as a liftable maintenance platform;

5. When the fork is suspended, the engine shall not be turned off, the driver shall not leave the driver's seat, and pedestrians shall be prevented from passing under the fork frame;

6. When the bulky cargo being transported blocks the driver's sight, the forklift should be driven backwards at a low speed;

7. No single-fork operation is allowed;

8. The battery forklift shall not use the braking inertia to slip the goods;

9. Do not carry out loading and unloading operations on slopes;

10. Do not lift the fork while walking, especially the heavy truck.