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Anyone who should pay attention to forklift operator safety awareness tips

Date: 2022-06-13 View:

Anyone who should pay attention to forklift operator safety awareness tips

When it comes to the safe operation of forklifts, it is a topic worthy of repeated discussion forever. Forklift operators should be concerned because they are the people who are the longest and most vulnerable to physical injury in the warehouse; warehouse managers should be concerned because it is their important responsibility to ensure the safe operation of the warehouse; logistics directors should be concerned because there are hidden dangers behind safety incidents The cost may far exceed expectations; the general manager should pay more attention, because the establishment of safety awareness requires top-down influence and implementation!

Loading platform

Every day, forklifts safely load and unload thousands of trailers and railcars. However, the edge of the loading platform is a small cliff. A fall from the loading dock can cause serious personal injury or even death. Following applicable loading and unloading procedures as well as your own company rules will help ensure safety.

Check the following:
1. Check that the trailer is centered, level and properly positioned on the loading platform.

2. Make sure the trailer is locked or secured with wedges to prevent moving the trailer or pulling the trailer away from the loading and unloading platform when loading and unloading goods. If the loading dock has a locking mechanism, make sure it is engaged and the green light is on. If there is no dock lock, make sure the trailer wheels are chocked.

3. Check the loading and unloading platform leveler or loading and unloading plate. Make sure it straddles safely and smoothly into the trailer and does not move out of its position. Make sure it can handle the load and the weight of the forklift.

Always follow your company's safe handling procedures and never take shortcuts. This will help keep you safe. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

 Slopes and slopes

The applicable procedures to follow when driving an electric industrial forklift on a slope or incline depend on the type of equipment being operated.The operator must also understand that the forklift can operate on a slope or incline. 

Do not operate on grades beyond the forklift's design. The maximum design slope of the forklift is shown on the load capacity placard.

Remember to work on a slope or incline:

1. Greatly increase the parking distance

2. Make the forklift tilt and reduce its stability

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