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China factory standing on drive 5 ton full electric pallet truck

Date: 2022-06-10 View:

 Customized FLIFT 5 ton electric pallet truck jack lifting forklift for sale

1. American CURTIS (Curtis) brand electronic control;
2. Stepless speed regulation
3. German Buch brand hydraulic assembly
4. Torch battery;
5. External intelligent charger.

6. The whole vehicle seal adopts Japanese NOK
7. Vertical AC drive motor
8. Vertical transmission gearbox
9. Body shock absorption system
10. High wear-resistant polyurethane wheel (load-bearing wheel, driving wheel, balance wheel)
11. Multifunctional electricity meter

12. Oil cylinder safety shut-off valve
13. Electromagnetic brake
14. Including pedals and protective arms
15. Electronic steering
16. Automatic deceleration in curves

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FLIFT 5.0 ton electric pallet truck specification
Rated capacity kg 5000
Service weight kg 1500
Ground Clearance (Bottom of mast) mm 210-215
Overall length mm 1785
Overall width mm 1270
Overall height mm 1520
Fork Size mm 1200*215*70
Fork outside distance mm 530
Fork inner distance mm 100
Max.Gradeability % 10
Travel speed(load/unload) km/h 7/8
Turning Radius mm 1715
Front wheel mm 343*135
Driving wheel mm 267*144
Balance wheel mm 130*55
Lifting motor kw 6.3
Driving motor kw 4.5
Battery Voltage/Capacity V/Ah 24/270

FLIFT brand forklifts CE certificate: